Huawei Launching the All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions

2024/5/11 18:08:03

BANGKOK, May 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 9, The 8th Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit, themed "Green Site, Building a Brighter Future", was held in Bangkok, Thailand. At this summit, Site Power Facility Domain of Huawei Digital Power launched the All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions, aiming to build excellent power systems that meet operators' needs for "one-time deployment, ten-year evolution."

Huawei All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions
Huawei All-Scenario Smart Telecom Power Solutions

  • Simplified: To expand the capacity of traditional power systems, multiple sets of devices need to be added. Huawei Smart Power adopts the modular design, and supports on-demand configuration and elastic capacity expansion, achieving capacity expansion with only one set. It features a high density with a volume of only 50% that of a tradition power system, facilitating deployment. It supports multi-energy inputs and multiple outputs, and features strong compatibility and applicability. By deploying the Huawei Smart Power, operators then have an ICT converged power supply at sites to develop diversified services.
  • Intelligent: Intelligent circuit breakers are used. Users can define the circuit breaker capacity, label, usage, and group through software. Functions such as power usage authorization, intelligent metering, backup slicing, and remote battery test are supported. Compared with traditional power systems, this solution meets customized requirements and greatly improves the flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency of power management at sites.
  • Green: The rectifier efficiency is up to 98%. The solution supports grid-battery, genset-battery, and PV-battery hybrid power usage, which helps save electricity or remove gensets, and improve the green power ratio and reliability. It supports load-level carbon emission analysis and management, accelerating low-carbon network construction.

Motivated by "Green Site, Building a Brighter Future", Huawei Site Power Facility has been delving into green ICT energy technologies and solutions to help operators build green and low-carbon networks and achieve energy transformation.